Monday, August 22, 2011
2 days to go

i'll be in Tokyo, Japan in 2days time... excited that i will wear summer cloths here.
Whenever i visit Japan usually is Winter season... heavy and thick cloths.

I just had a weird dream this past days... first, my new Mobile is using AA battery and explored and i said to myself it was still under warranty secondly, I was trap inside the air plane and the thing is it has jacuzzi and steam sauna inside thirdly, I was in Europe with a man (blurred face) but his complexion is white and the build is masculine one. Gosh, I can't think any more because of those dreams... hahaha but looking forward to another weird dreams

taken yesterday, I'm so amazed and there is a Daiso Store as well.


Posted at 01:41 pm by starrchinkz


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