Friday, August 05, 2011
Team Building

let see if the PH team in Penang are not KJ (kill joy)
when it comes to this gathering...
I'm thinking if i can transfer to REL ISR but i'll stay in Cyber.
Hoping the boss will agree, I don't really like staying in Penang.
I need to reconsider because my current position am not happy,
no growth anymore... my skills in sales has not been use in my
current role and some more I don't reach/hit my quota for the past
quarters, I better think million times before i decide.

Posted at 07:03 am by starrchinkz

Wednesday, August 03, 2011
~ Penang

i feel bored and sleepy in Penang Office...
i feel i'm others in this group...
but I've meet my old buddy in cyber office...
so, happy to see her and have time to chit chat with her...
Looking forward to see her baby... is it a boy or girl? Let's see... to be continue...

Posted at 01:26 am by starrchinkz

Sunday, July 31, 2011
Birthday ~

I’m another year older..yet i don’t feel any different… What is the real purpose of a birthday remind us that we need to get our shit straight? To celebrate life that your still alive in this earth? .. I think we should celebrate life everyday though.. I dont really know….sometimes i think its irrelevant. Birthdays are weird~ Ahh I know.. it’s when people you don’t talk to in a regular notices your existence…lol. I just came back from out of town... No time to post photos as i need to packed my stuff for my trip not a leisure one but work :( darn... you can check my twitpic for some photos.

Posted at 11:13 pm by starrchinkz

Friday, July 29, 2011

i thought he forgot my birthday... 花をありがとうございました@Hubby Twitter
nice flower arrangement at least together with the vase...
like it... i'm thinking if i will bring it at home or just leave in my office cubicle.
anyway, i'll be out of town and country this coming weeks...
hectic schedule & money problem as well...
reimburse afterwards but i make sure to get it as soon as possible.
I'll use the money for my long trip this end of August in Japan...

i'm not fan of Brtiney, but my office friend told me to read this book
to know more about Britney... the 1st chapter of the book is indeed interesting...
let see at the end of the book if i feel bored will stop reading it...
some more i'm not book lover... magazine perhaps, comics sometimes just to waste
my time... like waiting in the airport before boarding...

late wednesday afternoon, i just installed this android apps called Magic ball in my phone...
and ask silly question... so cool!

while cleaning my in and out tray i found this one...
i suddenly remembered the old team... back 2008-2009
those are the days... sad :(

Posted at 02:22 pm by starrchinkz

Thursday, July 21, 2011

after the pressure--s and tense--s of our quarter end
relaxed starting this week and next week...
i had productive week...
~ Booked Flight
~ Banks
~ Embassy
~ Work (Projection for next quarter presentation)

proudly to present my new phone... i love it (gift to myself)
easy to manage and idiot friendly i mean user friendly
I've installed a lot of application, my friends told me
if you don't use it often better to remove it just it will
occupied to your memory & processors.

sample pictures with effect
using my Samsung Galazxy S2
i'm getting hang of it using camera effects hehehehe <3

Posted at 04:35 pm by starrchinkz

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
our system

our systems was so darn slow-ness...
it takes 2mins (more than) to load in every configurations...

we just done downloaded for our monitors
we received the LC from the partners.
tomorrow will be the other partners hoping and praying
it will built before end of the week and pick-up next week...

Posted at 01:59 am by starrchinkz

Thursday, July 14, 2011
vietnam trips

i had a blast in my Vietnam trip... thanks to my friend
i enjoyed a lot especially the foods...
the weather is windy luckily is not raining my friend mentioned
that every late afternoon usually it rains.
Lucky day and we have to go around and visit the tourist spot in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

with my vietnamese friend and we watched the Water Puppet Show
eventhough i didn't understand the language..
the actions of the puppets are hilarious...
i think is difficult to control the puppet under the water
click here for more pictures

the delicious "Vietnamese Spring Rolls" sure to miss this food...

the Cathedral (left) very solemn mass and (right) War Remnants Museum
click here for more photos.

(left) love this jackfruit chips... (right) elegant & lovely plates

Posted at 06:02 pm by starrchinkz

Friday, July 08, 2011
end of the week 10

until now we didn't accomplished any orders
and our target for this week is $1M...
Next week is the last week of processing orders...
How can we reached 50% of our $8M targets?

Posted at 02:54 pm by starrchinkz

Friday, July 01, 2011

this past days i'm so worried... because of my work
it's been 3weeks we don't have any orders to process...
What happen?
Am i lacking something?
Should I consider to transfer to other department?

Week 9 we didn't do any far from our targets.
we only have 35%, poor performance.
Last quarter is also the same...

Posted at 12:23 pm by starrchinkz

Friday, June 17, 2011
Concert of JKS

yes, indeed i attend the Fans Meeting and Concert
and indeed he's really looks cute & handsome but i find it that his chin
is a bit sharp, take a look of this pictures below.

sorry for the blurry photos on stage, we are not allowed to take pictures
while JKS is performing, i dunno know wny? the hell i paid expensive ticket
then i can't take picture, but i peak some... more picture here

i better start to enhance my Japanese (Nihonggo) Language
Is a MUST!!! especially "KANJI"

Posted at 11:02 am by starrchinkz

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